Executive Council met today with only one item on the Open Agenda.

The Governor opened the meeting by marking the 100th Anniversary of the day when women were given the right to vote in Great Britain and Ireland.

Council then considered and recommended for enactment the Rabbit Control and Destruction Trial Rules 2018.  It was recognised that there is a significant problem with rabbits on the Island, which not only affects people’s livelihoods but also poses a significant risk to the regeneration of native endemic plant species.  The trial will investigate the feasibility and cost effectiveness of poison baiting in comparison with other methods of control currently used.  This will be in addition to the proposed use of repellent.  Although it is recognised that there was previous consultation there will now be a period of public engagement, particularly in the areas where the trials will take place, as well as information broadcast on the radio. It was noted that the SPCA supported the rabbit control initiative.

In any other business, Council looked forward to the farewell celebrations for the RMS this week.  Members were keen to reassure the public that all artwork and the name ‘RMS St Helena’ are excluded from the sale. The artwork will be returned to St Helena once the decision has been taken regarding the disposal of the vessel.

The Governor informed Executive Council that she would be away from the Island on leave from 3-17 March 2018.

The meeting concluded at 11.30am.


6 February 2018

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