The following Bills have been approved by Executive Council for presentation as Government business at the next formal meeting of Legislative Council:

  • Births and Deaths (Registration)(Amendment) Bill
  • Liquor (Amendment) Bill March 2018

 These Bills can be found on the St Helena Government website, under the Public Consultations section of the Publications page at the following link:

Comments should be sent to the Clerk of Councils, Lydia Buchanan, via email: or to the Chairperson of the Social & Community Development Committee, Tony Green, via email: by Friday, 25 May 2018.

Births and Deaths (Registration) (Amendment) Bill

This Ordinance amends the Births and Deaths (Registration) Ordinance, 1853, to make provision for the registration of births that occur overseas where one parent of the child is ordinarily resident on St Helena.  The Ordinance also makes provision for the registration of deaths that occur outside St Helena if the deceased was ordinarily resident or had assets in St Helena at the time of death. The Ordinance also amends a provision relating to the Registrar’s seal of office.

Liquor (Amendment) Bill March 2018

This Ordinance amends the Liquor Ordinance, 1988, to make provision for a single application for an occasional liquor licence for more than one entertainment or special occasion. These licences will be granted only if the location and other arrangements for the sale and consumption of alcohol are identical and the licence will be valid for no more than 26 specified occasions covering a maximum of two days in any seven day period.

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2 May 2018

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