Across the Island there is great concern that dogs are not being kept under proper control as required by law, under the Dogs & Cats Ordinance, 2011.

Very simply the Ordinance states that:

  • The keeper or any other person in charge of a dog shall ensure that, while in any public place or place to which the public has access, such dog at all times remains under the control of such keeper or person
  • The keeper or person in charge of a dog shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any faeces deposited by such dog on any land, in a public place, or to which the public has access

The public is therefore reminded that when your dog is in a public place, it should by law, be under proper control at all times.

 Complaints have been received to the effect that dogs are wandering in public places, chasing vehicles, intimidating walkers and a lot more. This behaviour cannot continue to happen. If your dog is caught doing any of these things, you as either the owner or keeper of the dog, could be prosecuted.

The public is also reminded that the owner or keeper of every dog shall apply to the Issuing Officer for a licence, before the dog reaches the age of seven months.

A Police Officer may seize any dog which has caused, or which they reasonably believe is likely to cause, injury to any person and which in their opinion is a danger to the public.

Advice to all dog owners is to care for your dog. Do not allow your dog to wander. When you are not at home, make sure that your dog is secured and has plenty of food and water. Dogs are social animals that need plenty of attention. If you know that your dog is not obedient and has a tendency to run off, make sure that when taking them for a walk they are secured on a leash thereby keeping them under proper control.

Police Constable, Sandra Henry


18 April 2017


St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470