At a recent meeting of the Highways Authority, concerns were raised about two particular parking issues:

  • Obstruction caused by vehicles parking along the main highway adjacent to A&D’s Mini Mart in Half Tree Hollow
  • Obstruction caused by vehicles parking in the area of New Porteous House, outside the Consulate Hotel, and on the roundabout outside the Star in Jamestown

Vehicle owners are encouraged to use the car parks provided and to refrain from parking in areas which obstruct other drivers.

Police Inspector, Julianne Benjamin, said:

“Vehicles parked on busy highways are a hindrance to other road users. It prevents a free flow of traffic and puts the public`s safety at risk, both vehicular and pedestrian.

 “We all understand the frustrations of the limited designated parks in all areas, however everyone must comply with the law.”

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1 June 2017


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