Despite recent rain showers, St Helena’s reservoir levels remain at around 11% of total storage capacity. Until the reservoirs reach at least 50% full, St Helena remains in a critical situation.

Island Reservoir Levels


Over the last week, four days out of seven have seen consumption creep back up to over 1000 cubic metres per day – equivalent to 12,500 full bath tubs.

The target for consumption, to balance what is going into the system, is 800 cubic metres or 10,000 full bath tubs per day. We therefore need a saving of 2,500 bath tubs or 40,000 five litre water bottles per day across the Island.

While we still have water coming out of our taps in our homes, it is easy to forget just how serious our situation is. The reality is that:

  1. Our reservoirs are virtually empty
  2. Livestock are struggling to find sufficient natural food
  3. Water to farmers is being restricted once crops have been harvested

As a community we must continue to cut our consumption and keep it down in everything we do, every single day. Every drop saved now contributes towards conserving our Island’s water reserves a little further.

 Every drop counts, every action counts – please do your bit.

Jamestown Swimming Pool

Unwanted water from the Jamestown Swimming Pool has been put to good use by the St Helena Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP). Publication1

The LEMP, which is responsible for restoring or compensating for habitats and landscapes lost to the Airport footprint, have been using the Swimming Pool water to support ongoing work.

LEMP have used their large water bowser to pump water from the Swimming Pool to transfer around the Island where needed, including to the ANRD and Environmental Management Division’s Nursery and for other agricultural use.


St Helena Resilience Forum

17 January 2017










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