Message from Gareth Drabble, Safe Haven DV Role Model & Spokesperson

“Growing up, my grandparents played a big role in my upbringing – they instilled in me the deep values of respect for others and having ‘my manners’ at all times. I also listened to their many stories of the extremely hard and challenging times they endured growing up.  My grandmother used to work in a flax mill processing the flax fibres in order to make rope.  My grandfather had an even more physically demanding job of digging out by hand, as there was no dynamite in those days, the many roads we drive on today on the Island.

“The elderly on St Helena have worked extremely hard in their day and without them we would not have what we now take for granted.  The wisdom and knowledge they can pass on to us is immeasurable, the legacy they leave behind is immeasurable.

“This is why it is so important that we give the utmost respect and admiration to the elderly on St Helena – they are tougher than most.  The thought of anyone abusing the elderly to me is absolutely disgusting.  It is spitting in the face of their years of experience, their hard work, their wisdom, their legacy.  They deserve to live out the rest of their days with dignity and respect because ultimately we owe them everything, without them we would not be here. They have laid the foundations on which we can build a better future.”

#StHelena #StopElderAbuse #WEAAD #RespectedAlways

Gareth Drabble, Safe Haven DV Role Model & Spokesperson


14 June 2017



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