St Helena Government has been made aware that a modified version of the St Helena Badge of Arms, or the ‘Heraldic Badge’ as it is also known, is being used on various souvenirs including replicas of the St Helena Flag.

Granted by the College of Arms in 1995, the St Helena Badge of Arms can be used on souvenirs, other products, websites and for promoting St Helena generally. However it has become apparent over the years that the image of the Wirebird on the Badge of Arms has become distorted through copying and re-designing.

Organisations or outlets that order St Helena flags or souvenirs independently are therefore reminded to be aware of the correct Badge of Arms as shown below:







The preservation of the correct heraldic symbols is vital in preserving St Helena’s identity.  All those who wish to use the St Helena Badge for promotional or commercial use are encouraged to use the above version of the Badge of Arms and to contact the SHG Press Office on tel: 22470 or via email: for a high resolution copy. 

SHG will be contacting the UK Flag Institute to ensure the correct version of the flag is made available on their website.

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28 November 2017

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470