The Police and Safeguarding Directorates along with local businesses and V2 taxis have been working together to develop a scheme on St Helena called ‘Safe Places’. A ‘Safe Place’ is an ordinary business or shop that has agreed to offer support if someone needs help.

A person needing a ‘safe place’ can get help to contact a trusted person, carer or taxi. The business or shop provides a safe place for the person to wait for their trusted person. Alternatively if appropriate, a taxi can be called and will assist to get the individual home safely. The Police Directorate has produced personalised ‘safe place’ cards that vulnerable adults can use when needed. There are already a few businesses that have agreed to be ‘safe places’ on St Helena, these places are often the most frequented places especially at unsociable hours. They include the Standard pub, White Horse pub, Donny’s and Anne’s Place – we are currently recruiting for more places.

Paul Bridgewater from Adult Social Care said:

This scheme is about recognising that the vulnerable members of our community have the same rights to live independent lives as the rest of our society, however, we also recognise that those vulnerable within our community sometimes need some extra help to stay safe.”

If you are interested in this scheme and would like to be a ‘safe place’, please give either Paul Bridgewater a call on tel: 23172 or Sergeant Jane John on tel: 22626.

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19 April 2017





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