Technical Services and the Roads Section in conjunction with the Highways Authority, Emergency Planning and the Police Directorate, would like to advise the public that following damage to the post and rail road edge demarcation, caused by a single vehicle road traffic accident on Field Road, the following actions have been taken:

  • A 10 mph speed restriction on Field Road
  • A recommendation to use low gear when descending Field Road
  • The road will be narrowed to 3m wide along the damaged section with the use of high visibility fencing and posts
  • ‘Narrow Road’ signage will be placed above and below the damaged section
  • Excavation works will be carried out to clear debris from the road edges
  • An embankment along the damaged section will be created to form some edge protection

The Roads Section would also like to remind road users that the post and railings are there to demarcate the road edge. They are not designed to be crash barriers or to prevent a vehicle from going over the edge, instead there are low speed restrictions and vehicle weight limits in place on all Island roads help to mitigate this.

Road users are asked to comply with these restrictions until a permanent solution to the issue can be put in place. The public is thanked in advance for their cooperation.

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6 December 2017


St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470