Lindsay Felix from Saint Lucia of the Caribbean arrived at St Helena on Saturday, 21 October 2017, to take up his new role as Customs Modernisation Adviser.

Lindsay has been appointed on a two-year contract and his main duty will be to undertake a comprehensive review of the St Helena Customs & Excise Ordinance and recommend amendments to facilitate World Customs Organisation best practice and trade facilitation.

Other duties will include, implementing changes to current Customs processes and procedures to facilitate international best practice as outlined in the revised Kyoto Convention and to maximise the functionality of ASYCUDA World.  Working with the Head of Customs, Lindsay will also implement changes in organisation structure to facilitate maximum benefits from the use of AYSCUDA World, whilst ensuring robust border security.

Lindsay will also review all operational policies and recommend changes where necessary to take account of St Helena circumstances whilst ensuring the use of international best practice, assess staff training requirements to fill skills gaps required to bring all staff up to the required competency levels as outlined in the guidance issued by the World Customs Organisation, and implement the training to deliver the requirements.

Part of Lindsay’s role will also be to support the ASYCUDA National Project Team in the complete rollout of ASYCUDA to both trade and private customers and implement changes required for the introduction of Risk Management & Post Clearance Audit functions along with providing training to staff on Risk Management & Post Clearance Audit measures where required.

Lindsay commented:

“I have always enjoyed intellectual challenges, and this job struck me as one of those challenges which I needed to master. By working in this post, I am hoping to achieve nothing but mutual success.”

Financial Secretary and Collector of Customs Dax Richards added:

It’s great to have Lindsay here on-Island supporting our dedicated Customs team. Lindsay will work closely with the team to ensure that we are able to bring our Customs & Excise Service into the 21st century and build the capacity and capability within the team to take full advantage of what ASYCUDA has to offer. Ultimately, we want to provide a fair and equitable customer friendly service to all.”

 Lindsay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (minor in Business Management) from York University, Toronto (2008), and has vast work experience, which includes, amongst other posts,  working as Assistant Comptroller Trade, Assistant Comptroller Revenue Compliance, Acting IT Manager and Functional Team member ASYCUDA ++ Project.

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8 November 2017




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