A meeting of the Highways Authority was held on Thursday, 16 November 2017.

Matters Arising from the minutes of 19 October were discussed, following which the minutes were agreed and signed.

Roads Manager, Deon Robbertse, and Chairman of the Highways Authority, Councillor Russell Yon, will continue their site visits to various roads as ongoing works are performed throughout the Island.

The Authority praised the efforts of the Roads Team for a job well done and expressed thanks to the private and public sectors for their contribution and involvement in the widening of the Dungeon Road and also for the upgrade of small sections in the Sapper Way area.

An application request from the Police for a disabled park to be placed at the Longwood Supermarket was received through the ongoing ‘Report It, Sort It’ service. Discussions between the Chairman, the proprietor of the Supermarket, and other stakeholders, are ongoing. It was noted that disabled parks Island-wide continue to be a priority. Consideration will also be given to extend the car park in this area once all stakeholders can agree on design, costing and maintenance.

A Police representative gave an update to the Authority regarding applications for road closures in Jamestown for the forthcoming holiday festivities. Police highlighted that they will provide a presence as normal and consultation with the applicants has now made it possible for wider involvement. Applicants will now provide Marshals to direct traffic especially at road closure and re-direction areas. The Police look forward to working with stakeholders and the wider public during these events and throughout the festive season.

Also discussed were ways to improve ‘the Run’ in Rupert’s, particularly the removal of invasive vegetation and a general clean-up.

Following a report from a constituent concerning the retaining wall at Drummond Hay Square, an inspection was carried out by the Technical Services team of the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate. A report will now be filed and appropriate action, including remediation works, will be carried out if required.

The next meeting of the Highways Authority will be held on Thursday, 14 December 2017.

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20 November 2017

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