At today’s ExCo meeting, four issues were considered on the Open Agenda.

Medical Practitioners (Qualifications) (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 sought to amend the regulations to encompass medical practitioners from Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.  This amendment is in response to recent recruitment exercises which included practitioners from these countries. Councillors asked that such amendments were made in good time so that incoming practitioners were already covered by the regulations.

For the second item, Executive Council approved the increase in Minimum Income Standard (MIS) and the up-rating of Income Related Benefits (IRB) and Basic Island Pension (BIP).  The impact is an increase in MIS of 3.4%, in line with current policy.

With effect from 31 March 2017, the IRB for a single person household will increase from £59.60 to £61.60 per week. The rate for an additional adult within a household will increase from £34.70 to £35.90 per week.  The Basic Island Pension will increase from £61.60 to £63.70 per week.

The change for each individual household will be dependent on the specific circumstances of that household.  All recipients will be notified by letter prior to 31 March 2017 confirming their new rates.

The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill, 2017 delays the commencement date of the Ordinance and makes provision for transitional measures when the new Ordinance comes into force. This will provide for a smoother transition by which time underpinning regulations will also be enacted.

Council also discussed the Undertakings & Resolutions from the formal meeting of Legislative Council held on 14 March 2017.  The tracker was discussed as were the resolutions and motions.  There was recognition that the resolutions and motions should be tracked actively, and the Clerk of Councils will now ensure that action owners are followed up more rigorously.


21 March 2017

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