“I am pleased to announce that Her Majesty the Queen has conferred the award of an MBE to Mr Anthony Douglas Leo in recognition of his services to the community of St Helena.

 “Anthony, affectionately known as Tony, has provided an exceptional level of service to the community in the field of broadcasting for over 40 years, in both a professional and voluntary capacity, his motto being ‘to inform, to educate, to entertain’.

 “During his career as Station Manager of the former Radio St Helena, he was able to tirelessly demonstrate the need for investment in more modern equipment which transformed the Station from its humble beginnings to a radio station with equipment equal to many which could be found in more advanced communities.

 “The introduction of rebroadcasting the BBC World Service was one of many initiatives that Tony took forward, negotiating with the BBC for a satellite dish to enhance the transmission which had previously been via an unreliable receiver. Another such initiative was the introduction of live radio broadcasts from events around the Island via the outside broadcasting vehicle, which was much appreciated by listeners who otherwise could not attend.

“Alongside his broadcasting career, Tony has many interests including singing and music through which he has contributed to charitable events; he has been a member of the Farmers’ Association and holds the position of Chairman of the Beekeepers’ Association.  Tony was also a Member of the St Helena Legislative Council from 2003-2009.

“I am further pleased to announce the award of a BEM to Ms Vyona Jean Young in recognition of her services to the community, particularly in special needs education on St Helena.

“Vyona, or ‘Lolly’ as she is affectionately known, has been a member of the Island’s teaching profession and has specialised in working with children with learning and behavioural difficulties. She has also supported children from disadvantaged backgrounds at school as well as in her own time and provided home tuition to children struggling in classes.

“Lolly temporarily left her teaching role for a short period of time and became involved in SHAPE, taking an active role in the organisation and being instrumental in helping the organisation transition from a small government funded organisation to a Company Limited by Guarantee and a fully established Social Enterprise. Lolly currently holds the position of Vice Chairman of SHAPE.

“I am sure you will all join me in congratulating both Tony and Lolly on these well-deserved Awards.” 

Lisa Phillips

Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

16 June 2017


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