CEO of the St Helena Equality & Human Rights Commission, Catherine Turner (photo attached), departs the Island today, Friday 2 September 2016, to attend the first Overseas Territories (OTs) Human Rights Conference for OTs Human Rights Commissions and practitioners – to be held in London from 12 to 14 September 2016. Catherine’s attendance at the conference is being funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Catherine Turner

The aims of the conference will be for attendees to:

  • Explore the key priorities, opportunities, and challenges faced by OTs’ Human Rights Commissions
  • Promote shared understanding of UK and OTs shared international Human Rights obligations
  • Examine critically topical Human Rights issues, such as Children’s Rights

Attendees will also explore ways to enhance OTs’ Human Rights Commission (HRC) engagement, within and across the UK, and identify how the UK Government could best support the sustainable development of OTs’ HRC knowledge and capabilities.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Key Human Rights Impact
  • Challenges and Priorities for National Human Rights Institutions in the OTs and UK
  • Overview of UK and OTs international Human Rights obligations
  • The European Court on Human Rights
  • Adopting a Human Rights-based approach to confronting violations
  • The consequences of Brexit for Human Rights etc

Catherine said:

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet and interact with other people doing similar jobs. I hope to develop a network of friends so that we can work together, share best practice, and pool our experience and knowledge.”

During the conference, Catherine will give a presentation on the St Helena Equality & Human Rights Commission. She will be working with some of the territories who have not yet set up a commission and will share with them her experiences. 

Catherine concluded:

“I am so excited. The conference is being held in Lancaster House which is where a lot of historical world events have taken place – which is great. But above all, I am looking forward to learn from people who have so much more experience and knowledge than I have.

“I am sure it will improve how I do my job and will enable me to help those with problems more effectively.”

Catherine will return to St Helena on Wednesday 21 September 2016.


 2 September 2016



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