The Open Agenda for today’s ExCo was mainly focussed on the planning application for the Millennium Holiday Park at Bradley’s Camp.  There was also consideration of the upcoming Formal Legislative Council meeting.

Council approved Full Development Permission for the plans submitted by the Applicant.  Riana Dewet and David Taylor from the Planning Office attended the meeting, as did the applicant, and Council was given a presentation of the proposed conditions to be attached to the Planning Permission.  Council approved the conditions suggested by the Planning Office, commended the applicant for his business proposal, and thanked the Planning Office for its work in bringing this to Council today.

The Attorney General and Council Committee Chairpersons gave an update on progress in bringing various legislation to Formal Legislative Council on Friday 9 December 2016:

  • The Food Safety Bill has been printed and will be ready for Formal LegCo in December
  • The Financial Services Amendment Bill will also be ready for the same meeting
  • Public consultation is currently underway on the Road Traffic Bill and the Customs & Excise (Amendment) Bill, with the intention of completing both Bills by Tuesday 15 November and bringing them to Formal LegCo on Friday 9 December
  • The Employment Rights (Amendment) Bill will also be ready for the December Formal LegCo
  • Regarding The Marriage Bill 2016, the Attorney General reported that associated legislation is currently being examined to identify items which might require amendment.  This Bill will be brought back to ExCo on 15 November 2016

In the Closed Agenda, Council was advised that Councillors Derek Thomas and Lawson Henry were meeting with senior Government officials in the UK to discuss the future provision of air services to St Helena, together with the RMS service.


1 November 2016


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