Gina Henry (third from the left) with DM Hall colleagues

Crown Estates Officer, Gina Henry, (photo attached), was recently able to further her training in Property Valuation, Asset Management and Land Registration Procedures and Reporting with DM Hall, an industry recognised firm of Chartered Surveyors, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Gina’s visit, arranged by previous Crown Estates Advisor, John Clement, who is now a Director with DM Hall, provided Gina with the opportunity to:

  • Spend a day with the Residential Valuation Team, inspecting houses and using transactional databases and analysis of comparisons to assess values for loan purposes. She was also tutored on the various reporting methods and procedures.
  • Spend time with the Commercial Valuation Team, learning more about measured inspections, receiving a tutorial on valuation principles adopted in the non-residential market, and attending a session on public asset valuation.
  • Shadow the firm’s Land Registry Team that deals with property enquiry certificates, boundary plans and property registration.

DM Hall is the only firm in Scotland that can offer the Search & Certification Service as part of the Property Valuation Process – a close fit with Gina’s role on St Helena.

John Clement said:

“We enjoyed helping Gina, she was fun to work with again and I am pleased she took the time out of her holiday to come North to visit.

 “Whilst it is difficult to provide real training in a short work experience visit, we tried to ensure that we reinforced the procedures she already adopts on the Island and showed how they relate to the wider property market.

 “I am happy to be able to continue to help and support my former colleagues as the Island adjusts post-Airport.”

 Head of Property and Housing, Rob Bryson, added:

“We are very grateful to DM Hall for providing Gina with this opportunity and in particular to John Clement who continues to support his Saint colleagues’ professional development, after returning to the UK in early 2015.

 “Gina is committed to the service she provides here on St Helena, and took time out from her family holiday in the UK to gain this valuable experience. Her warm welcome at DM Hall has allowed her to make lots of new contacts.  We hope Gina and her family enjoy the rest of their holiday and we look forward to their safe return to St Helena next month.”



19 April 2016





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