Age Verification Cards PosterWorking with the St Helena Safeguarding Children Board, the St Helena Police Service is pleased to introduce Age Verification Cards – which prove the cardholder’s age.

These cards will help businesses and licensed premises to ensure they comply with the law so that alcohol and cigarettes are only sold to customers aged 18 years and over. Customers whose age is not clear will be asked to prove they are over 18 before being served.

These cards are FREE and application forms are available from Police Headquarters and various licensed premises around the Island.

Chief of Police Trevor Botting said:

“These cards will help protect children and young people by ensuring that only those old enough to buy alcohol and cigarettes can do so. I know this has been a concern in the community for some time.

“Production of this card by a young person at the point of sale provides licensees and their staff with the confidence of knowing that the cardholder is over 18 years of age. For young people it means that they can enjoy their night out having quickly confirmed their age, without the embarrassment of being refused.

“Training for businesses and licensed premises is currently taking place. I would stress to them that this is an easy way to ensure they remain on the right side of the law and will help safeguard our young people.”

For further information on the cards please contact PC Jonathan Clark on 22626 or email


1 June 2016



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