St Helena Statistical Yearbook 2013-14

Updates to the St Helena Statistical Yearbook 2013-14 are now available on the St Helena Government website:  A printed copy is also available in the Public Library.

The Statistical Yearbook is a collation of the main data streams for St Helena, covering themes such as Population and Vital Statistics, Production, Imports, Public Finance and Key Economic Indicators.

The Yearbook is published in both Excel (spreadsheet) and a PDF format to appeal to a broad range of users. Some may prefer a hard copy of the Yearbook, but at 64 pages, there will be a small charge for printing.  Anyone who wishes to have a copy can contact the Statistics Office on 22138 or email by Wednesday 1 July to request a copy.

Justine Joshua, Senior Statistics Assistant, said:

“It is important that we publish the data people need in a format that they can access. Some people may wish to use the Excel tables to pull out the information for further analysis. Others may wish to pick up a hard copy that they can leaf through and refer to as needed.”

Paula McLeod, St Helena Statistician, added:

“The team have worked hard to update and improve on our regular data streams. This year we thoroughly reviewed our historic data and this has resulted in several small changes – as a result of correcting some inaccuracies and improving our methodologies. We would encourage everyone to make sure they are referring to the latest data.

“The Statistics team is continually striving to improve the quality, range and timeliness of our outputs and making sure we meet user needs. One of our priority goals is making data available much sooner – so our users can look forward to more timely data updates in the future.”

Ways to access Statistics on St Helena:


Public Library: Hard copies of our most important material is here

Twitter: Follow @Stats_SHG to hear the latest news from the office and selected international updates

Office: Call on 22138 or visit us in the Castle Courtyard.



22 June 2015

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