New Social Workers
New Social Workers

The Safeguarding Directorate has recruited three new members of staff to fill the positions of Senior Social Workers and Social Care Officer.  Frances Gonsalves and Adele McMahon arrived on Island on Wednesday 8 July 2015 on two year contracts and Nicholene Adams was recruited locally as a Social Care Officer.

Frances’ and Adele’s roles are part of a crucial and expanding childcare team – supporting children and families on the Island.

Frances said:

“We are fortunate to be entering the Directorate at this time, when great investment has been driving the team forward.  This is an exciting time to be here and I look forward to helping to bring services on the Island together to work better as a network.”  

Frances was previously employed as a Children’s Guardian and Family Court Advisor in the UK, representing children in public and private law disputes.  She has also worked in Leaving Care – helping young adults manage through difficult transitions in their lives.  Frances has experience in dealing with a variety of groups, from young teenagers to asylum seekers, drug addicts and youth offenders.

Before arriving to the Island, Adele worked in Children’s Services at a local authority in South Wales – specialising in areas of domestic abuse.  Prior to this position, Adele took on voluntary roles as a Special Constable and worked in the areas of domestic abuse and with families with young children.

Nicholene left the Education Department after 22 years and her most recent role was Deputy Head Teacher at St Paul’s Primary School.  She commented:

“Even in my roles in education, I have acted in a safeguarding capacity.  The job of a teacher is to help children both academically and socially.  As a Social Care Officer, I look forward to working closely with children and their families.”


14 July 2015

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