Community Nursing Officer - Christine Laskey
Community Nursing Officer – Christine Laskey

The Community Nurses, managed by Community Nursing Officer, Christine Laskey, (photos attached) are pleased with the success of the re-opening of the Half Tree Hollow and Longwood clinics.

Each district clinic has been attended on average by 20 members of the public each day, some for general health checks and others for nurse assessment, treatment and triage.  The pharmacy bus which has been present at most of the clinics has also been well utilised.  It is hoped that Levelwood clinic will be open soon, once staff numbers and necessary works are in place.

During this time the community nurses have maintained their usual specialist clinic schedules for Outpatients at the General Hospital and St John’s Villa, as well as continuing to visit housebound clients around the Island.  In the future, the new Community Health Promotion Trainer, Marian Kanes (photo attached), hopes to open Weight Loss clinics, Stop Smoking groups and Mother and Baby Drop-In groups, in order to utilise the district clinics further.  It is also envisaged that the community nurses will carry out some of their specialist clinics in the district clinics, including clinics for diabetes, gynaecology and hypertension.

Health Promotion Trainer - Marian Kanes
Health Promotion Trainer – Marian Kanes

Opening times of District Clinics:

Half Tree Hollow – Monday (including pharmacy bus) and Friday (no pharmacy bus), 10am – 12.30pm.

Longwood – Wednesday (including pharmacy bus), 10am – 12.30pm.

The full community team consists of;

  • Community Nursing Officer – Christine Laskey
  • Community Nurses – Sister Jackie Henry, Staff Nurse Mandy Thomas, Staff Nurse Ruth Young, Staff Nurse Samantha Thomas, Staff Nurse Marilyn Pidgley, Staff Nurse Sarah Newman, Nursing Assistant Bridget Henry.
  • Community Psychiatric Nurse – Ian Rummery.
  • Physiotherapy Department – Esther Rodrigo and Rosemary Walton
  • Occupational Therapy Department – Adele Bailey and Carolyn Greentree
  • Health Promotion Trainer – Marian Kanes

The community nursing team can be contacted on telephone number 22500, ext 329.

St Helena Community Nursing Team
St Helena Community Nursing Team


6 July 2015

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