As part of the Safeguarding Children Board’s continued mission to protect the more vulnerable members of the Island’s community, the Board has successfully funded the renovation of a separate waiting room facility at the General Hospital.

Deputy Prison Manager, Nicholas Crowie, spoke of previous public concerns around the current facilities for prisoners attending hospital and dental appointments.

Nicholas said:

“There was nothing previously to separate inmates and members of the public,     meaning that interaction could take place between them.  This was not suitable, in terms of protection of the public, victims and prisoners.  In particular, victims should not have to come into contact with their abusers while waiting for a Hospital appointment.”  

Since the Prison does not have adequate facilities to treat prisoners on site, Nicholas approached the Safeguarding Board for a solution – resulting in the new separate waiting room at the Hospital.

Nicholas concluded:

“The new room at the Hospital is now fully functional.  We are mindful of the fact that   prisoners will occasionally come in to contact with the public, so it is just a case of managing the risk – to ensure that no danger is posed to the community.  This is a step in the right direction for the health and safety of both the public and of the prisoners alike.”


8 June 2015




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