The Education & Employment Directorate is pleased to announce that the winner of the Jean Beadon Art Award for the Primary Sector for 2015 is Hanna Hickling of Harford Primary School (photo attached). Hanna is congratulated for her achievement and is wished every success as she continues to enhance and develop her artistic talents.

Judging was not an easy task and as a result there were joint winners for 2nd and 3rd places, and a number of children were Highly Commended.

Sharing 2nd place were Kyla Joshua from St Paul’s Primary School and Chloe Young from Pilling Primary School.  In joint 3rd place were Liana Crowie and Katerina Sovjakova from Pilling Primary School.

The following pupils were Highly Commended:

Demi O’Bey                         St Paul’s Primary School

Viktorie Mastna                   Pilling Primary School

Nesta Yon                            St Paul’s Primary School

Kristianne Benjamin          St Paul’s Primary School

Ronaldo Johnson               Pilling Primary School

Danica Ellick                        St Paul’s Primary School


This year judging was carried out by local artist Mrs Alice Phillips, Manager of the Arts & Crafts Shop in Jamestown and Miss Pamela Murray from Creative St Helena.  Unfortunately the third judge could not attend due to illness. Special thanks are extended to the judges.

The judges reported that the winning entries showed a high level of technical skills, originality and creativity and captured the personality and mood of the artists.  There was also imaginative use of materials and good use of colour and different types of media.  They praised all who took part in the competition saying that they could see that a lot of effort had been put into producing the art and the art folders.

All children were presented with their certificates and prizes during their schools’ End of Year prize presentations. Art Folders were on display for all to view during each school’s Open Day.

The late Mrs Jean Beadon was particularly interested in the work of young people, and through the Jean Beadon Trust, the encouragement and development of artistic talents still continues.  The Trust presents opportunities for schoolchildren in Year 6 of the Primary Schools and at Prince Andrew School – to win prizes for their art.

The Education Directorate is most grateful to the late Mrs Jean Beadon for giving the opportunity to continue to develop, enhance and encourage the artistic talents and skills of our schoolchildren here on the Island.

Thank you also to all Year 6 pupils for their participation and teachers for their support and coaching.

Notes for Editors

The criteria for the Jean Beadon Art Award competition in Primary Schools is as follows:


STILL LIFE – PLANT, MAN MADE OR NATURAL FORMS (Shells, stones, animals etc)



  • Pupils are to choose two of the above areas and produce two complete collections of work for their chosen areas.
  • Each complete collection of work will include three pieces of art (six pieces of art altogether will be produced). Included in these six pieces can be any outstanding work (relating to their chosen topic) produced in School Years 3 to 6.
  • The complete collection can be produced in A3 or A4 size using any media chosen by the pupil.
  • Pupils will be evaluated on each area chosen, in addition to an overall evaluation of the year’s work.
  • Pupils are to design their own cover on the folder.
  • Pupils will be required to complete an assessed piece of work of A3 size under exam conditions based on skills learnt, and insert this into their folder at the front.
  • The duration of the exam should be three hours with a 15 minute break.
  • Completed portfolios of all Year 6 pupils will be sent for judging.
  • Two or three Judges (Artists) will be asked to judge the folders.
  • Judging will be based on pupils’ ability to apply skills, techniques and use of different media, and not the subjects studied.
  • The prize, valued at £40 will be given to the overall winner from the Jean Beadon Trust Fund.



17 August 2015




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