Councillors will be holding a series of Constituency Meetings during August and September 2015.

Taking into account comments from the public, topics for discussions at the meetings will be Safeguarding and Opening Hours for businesses on Sundays, Public and Bank Holidays. The 2016 St Helena Population and Housing Census will also be an agenda item.

Roads and Health issues were also requested for discussion at these meetings but, due to the Roads Manager and the Director of ENRD being currently off-Island, the Roads topic will be left until the next round of Constituency meetings and Health issues will be discussed via local radio programmes.

The schedule for the upcoming meetings is as follows:

Constituency Date Chair
Blue Hill Community Centre Monday, 3 August Councillor  Ward Pearce
Guinea Grass Community Centre Wednesday, 12 August Councillor Olsson
Kingshurst Community Centre Monday, 17 August Councillor Essex
St Mary’s Church, The Briars Wednesday, 19 August Councillor George
St Michaels’s Church, Rupert’s Wednesday, 19 August Councillor Ellick
Harford Community Centre Monday, 24 August Councillor Dollery
HTH Clinic Wednesday, 26 August Councillor Scipio-O’Dean
Silver Hill Bar Wednesday,  2 September Councillor Thomas
Sandy Bay Community Centre Wednesday, 9 September Councillor Isaac
Jamestown Community Centre Tuesday, 15 September Councillor Henry



21 July 2015

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