Councillor Derek Thomas departed the Island on Tuesday 7 April 2015, to attend the mid-year Executive Committee Meeting of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).  The conference will be held in Malaysia and runs from 27 April to 3 May 2015.

In addition to the main Executive Meeting, there will also be meetings of the three sub-committees where delegates will focus on policy planning and review, finance, coordination and audit.

Councillor Thomas, along with fellow members, will also get the opportunity to tour the Sabah State Legislative Assembly and witness the Kaamatan Festival Celebration – a form of harvest festival celebrated annually in Malaysia.

Secretary to the CPA St Helena Branch, Gillian Francis said of the visit:

“This is the first time for a member of the St Helena Legislative Council to serve on the CPA Executive Committee, representing the British Islands & Mediterranean Region along with a representative from the UK and a representative from Malta.  St Helena will retain this seat on the Executive Committee until 2017.

“Cllr Thomas will have opportunity to meet with Regional Representatives from the nine Commonwealth regions to discuss issues relevant to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, including finance and future seminars and conferences.”  

Councillor Thomas’ attendance at the CPA Executive Committee meeting is funded by the CPA Secretariat.


8 April 2015


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