A report to SHG from Basil Read (via the Project Management Unit) indicates that in the course of roadworks in Rupert’s Valley, carried out on Friday 12 December 2014, some human remains were uncovered.  All evidence points to these being further Liberated African remains.

Whereas earlier finds under the Airport Project have been of scatter material (fragments left from earlier excavations), this find appears to be part of a previously undisturbed grave.  It also appears to confirm earlier assessments by Dr Andy Pearson of Bristol University, that further Liberated African graves might be located in Rupert’s Valley.  Works on the Access Road have specifically avoided areas of known graves, whilst recognising the risk of further remains being uncovered.

The Archaeology Protocol under the Airport Project specifically recognises this risk and sets out measures to be implemented should there be such a find.  This Protocol was immediately and effectively implemented, and all works have ceased in the area, which is now closed pending full mitigation measures.


16 December 2014


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