SHG would like to advise the public that the second phase of the vaccination programme for Newcastle Disease, in chickens on St Helena, will commence from Monday 17 November 2014.

Phase 2 will be an Island-wide vaccination programme to protect chickens from catching the disease. The programme will begin in the Longwood, Blue Hill and Levelwood districts using the ‘Lasota’ vaccine.

The vaccine is free and poultry owners are encouraged to collect their vaccines from a collection point in their district. A timetable for the first week of the programme is attached along with simple instructions on how to administer the vaccine.

Poultry owners in the Longwood, Blue Hill and Levelwood areas are asked to contact ANRD on 24724 by Thursday 13 November 2014 with the numbers of their stock to ensure that ANRD make enough vaccine to deliver to each dispensing point.

Alongside Phase 2 a containment programme to remove feral and free-ranging chickens will continue and the public are encouraged to contact ANRD if they know of any feral chickens near their properties.

ANRD would like to reassure the public that if any new or suspected cases are reported during Phase 2 they will be responded to immediately.
Please report any unusual poultry deaths or symptoms to the Veterinary Service at ANRD on tel. 24724.

4 November 2014


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