Samantha Dunn
Samantha Dunn

Arriving on the Island on Wednesday 28 May 2014 was new Senior Social Worker, Samantha Dunn.

Samantha’s main focus, whilst on Island for a two year period, will be to improve the current system for safeguarding children, promoting their welfare and wellbeing.  She will work closely with the Police and Education directorate on identifying potential cases and carrying out assessments with families – improving the families’ situation and the situation for the children within them.

Samantha hopes that by working closely with the Police, plans can be devised both to protect the community and also to protect those being released from custody.  Samantha also understands that one area of work will be to place emphasis on children being exposed to close family members who are being sentenced and how these circumstances ultimately affect the whole family unit.

Samantha commented:

“The biggest challenge will be putting forward a strong and workable framework for the protection of children on the Island, but this is a positive challenge as improvements need to be made and we need to act.” 

In Samantha’s role as Senior Social worker she will work with all vulnerable groups – for example, these could be younger mums who might want support and guidance.  Bringing relevant services together to improve outcomes for children – but doing so in partnership with families needing support – will be central to Samantha’s role.

Samantha’s background is in working with children and young families in the south of England, looking at need and risk.


10 June 2014  


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