Executive Council met today, Tuesday 28 October 2014, to discuss five items on the Open Agenda.

The first item was the appointment of a Secretary to the Electronic Communications Consultative Committee (ECCC). This paper discussed the appointment of the Socio-Economist as Secretary to the ECCC in replacement of the Government Economist. This was seen as a sensible change due to the amount of work currently being undertaken by the Socio-Economist with regards to the social implications of on-Island communications.

The second item proposed an amendment to the Eliza Mary Lloyd Trust Ordinance to change the way that Trustees are appointed.  This Trust helps fund agricultural training and production on a small estate at Harpers. Currently the Economic Development Committee (EDC) Members with responsibility for agricultural issues would have naturally assumed positions as Trustees. The change will see the new process for appointments as Trustees to be made by the Governor and not simply by inheriting such a role based on becoming a member of the EDC. This change does not affect the continuance of the current use of the Harper’s Estate and brings this Trust in line with other Trusts in operation on the Island.

The third and fourth items were combined as they were inter-related, one dealing with Police Service regulations and the other the Ordinance entitled Police Service (Amendment) Bill.  External reports have previously recommended that the Police Force Ordinance and Regulations be reviewed to bring them in line with current practice and, in particular, current human resources practice.

The final item on the Open Agenda was the Coroners and Presumption of Death Bill. The Chief Magistrate gave a detailed report of the implications of the Bill where every death on the Island will be reported to the Coroner to consider whether there was a need for investigation, with the emphasis on learning lessons as opposed to apportioning blame, which would remain the responsibility of the Supreme Court procedure. This was seen as helping to develop best practice with the recording of medical records and would allow for estates related issues to be resolved quicker.

All of the Bills will be presented as Government Business at the next formal Legislative Council meeting.

Under Any Other Business the Governor thanked the two Acting Members of Executive Council, Hon Brian Isaac and Hon Nigel Dollery, for attending ExCo during the absence of substantive Members, Hon Christine Scipio O’Dean and Hon Ian Rummery, who will shortly return from overseas trips. Governor Capes also announced that he would be leaving the Island on 6 November 2014 to attend the forthcoming Joint Ministerial Council, which will also be attended by Councillor Lawson Henry, and to take some leave. Governor Capes will return on 3 January 2015, in time to welcome yachts competing in the Governor’s Cup Yacht Race.

A very positive meeting ended at 10.20am.


28 October 2014


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