Biosecurity operations on the Island are often associated with the most highly visible activities – such as plant quarantine inspections on the wharf and veterinary checks on the RMS for animals arriving to the Island.  However, many efforts are made behind the scenes to reduce threats to the Island’s economy, environment and health posed by pests and disease.  

St Helena’s Biosecurity Policy (‘Biosecurity St Helena’) has been developed and is now out for public consultation.  The document identifies the direction that Biosecurity intends to follow to help achieve sustainable development for St Helena.  It forms part of a series of documents, which together will form the Biosecurity Development Framework. 

The Biosecurity policy covers all activities aimed at policing new species and managing their impacts once on Island.  It includes intentional, unintentional and illegal introductions. Activities focuses on pre-border, border and post-border activities designed to keep out new pests – central to SHG’s responsibility.

Head of Agriculture and Natural Resources Division, Darren Duncan commented:

“St Helena Government has established ‘Biosecurity St Helena’ to ensure it can effectively and strategically deliver these important national priorities.  It provides a consistent approach and improved capacity to respond to animal, plant and aquatic pests and diseases.

“All members of the St Helena community have a responsibility to help protect the economic, environmental and social assets of the Island that we care about so much.  Having our own Biosecurity policy for the first time means we have a guiding document to fulfil this vital obligation.”

It is important to hear the public’s views on the policy proposed by the Island’s biosecurity stakeholders. To obtain a hard copy of ‘Biosecurity St Helena’ please call Darren Duncan or Dr Jill Key (Pest Control and Biosecurity Officer) on tel: 24724.  For an electronic copy please visit

The closing date for responses is 4pm on Friday 28 March 2014. Please let the Biosecurity policy team have your comments by submitting a completed consultation Questionnaire  e-mailing it to Darren Duncan or sending in a hardcopy to the ANRD Office at Scotland.

To encourage the public to give their views, all submissions with name and address details will be entered into a free prize draw. The first name drawn will receive a prize of £30.


3 March 2014




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