Water Situation Remains Serious

Stored Water Levels in Redhill Zone at Approx 18% of Normal Volume

The continued dry weather on St Helena has meant that the water situation in affected areas remains serious.

As we advised both media in a water update on 18 & 19 June respectively, one significant rainfall event (overnight on 14 June) had meant that:

• Although ‘Water levels in the Redhill distribution area remain exceptionally low’ – ‘consumption remained around 250 cubic metres per day’ – meaning 10 days’ supply:

‘Rain which has previously just soaked into the dry ground is now reaching the Earth Dam, but will need several weeks of settling before it can be used

That rain water, from the Harpers 1 & 2 Reservoirs, has now settled and is available as a reserve for the Redhill district water system.

However, compared to the normal Scotts Mill and Harpers reservoir levels at this time of year, this still only represents about 18% of the Redhill water volume that we would normally expect. Piping of additional water to the Scotts Mill reservoir continues and this is helping to stabilise the situation.

It also means that we have moved from around 14 days’ stored supply to over 30 days. But, consumption in the Redhill zone has crept up, to around 300 cubic metres per day.

This means that the situation remains serious, but not critical. Ahead of us lies the drier period between September/October and March.The laying of pipework and preparatory work for the pump to transfer water from Levelwood into the Hutts Gate system continues apace.

Residents served by the Redhill distribution plant are once again urged to continue to lower their water consumption. The Island as a whole is reminded that the Hosepipe Ban is still in force. Every effort to reduce usage must continue in order to stretch water supplies until we receive some more significant rainfall.

9 July 2013


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