Water Situation Remains Serious

Consumption Must Stay Low to Maintain Stored Water Levels

Despite the intermittent rainfall currently being experienced on St Helena, the water situation in affected areas remains serious.

This week’s headline message is consumption has to remain low to maintain stored water levels in the Redhill distribution zone. These levels, although higher than earlier, are only being maintained by intermittent rainfall and reduced consumption – If the rain stops and consumption levels rise, we could easily slip back into a critical situation.

The public are therefore urged to maintain efforts to reduce domestic water consumption wherever possible and stretch this resource, until we return to normal rainfall patterns.

Members of the public wishing to use untreated water for construction and agricultural purposes are reminded that they need to liaise with Connect St Helena, who will advise them on how much water can be used and where it can be used from.

Connect Saint Helena continues to monitor and collect water volume and consumption data. Contingency measures remain in place should rainfall reduce to a point where it seriously affects stored water levels.

The latest weather forecast indicates a dry day today, turning wetter towards the end of this week. Ahead of us lies the dry period between September/October and March.

Hosepipe Ban and Water Quality

Lowered water consumption in Levelwood is causing water quality issues. Because of the possible health implications which could arise from water staying in the system longer than usual, it has been decided to lift the Hose Pipe ban in the Levelwood area as a temporary measure to flush the system and lower the risk of bacterial water contamination. The Hosepipe ban remains in place for all other areas of the Island.

Residents in the Redhill water zone are also reminded to continue to boil their water as a precautionary measure. Persons consuming the water from Casons do so at their own risk and should heed the signage there.

30 July 2013


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