Water Situation Remains Serious


Stored Water Levels in Redhill Drop as Consumption Rises

The continued unseasonably dry weather on St Helena means that the water situation in affected areas remains serious. 

The headline message this week is that following the sunny weather and an increase in water consumption in the Redhill distribution zone over the weekend, we are starting to draw down on our supplies in the Redhill system.  

This means we are slowly losing stored water. Consumption in the Redhill zone in June was an average of approximately 260 cubic metres per day.  In July so far, it is at an average of about 280 cubic metres per day, and continues to creep up.

As a consequence of this, the Harpers 2 (Earth Dam) is now being used to feed Scotts Mill reservoir, which now holds just 13 days’ supply.

This serves as a reminder to the public that the situation in the affected areas remains serious.  As a result of increased consumption, we are now drawing down on the reserves that we were previously building up. 

Residents served by the Redhill distribution plant are once again urged to continue to lower their water consumption.  The Island as a whole is reminded that the Hosepipe Ban is still in force.  We must all maintain our efforts to reduce domestic water consumption wherever possible and stretch this resource, until we return to normal rainfall patterns.

Piping of additional water to the Scotts Mill reservoir continues to be necessary, until we receive significant rainfall.  The laying of pipework and preparatory work for the pump, to transfer water from Levelwood into the Hutts Gate system, continues.

The latest weather forecast indicates a 10-20% likelihood of rain over the next three days, followed by drier weather later this week.  Ahead of us lies the dry period between September/October and March.


16 July 2013



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