Revised Bus Timetable – One Month On

Following a mid-term review of the trial bus service, a revised timetable was introduced on 22 May 2013 and has now been in operation for just over a month.

Operated by Joshua’s Taxis, the trial bus service replaces the previous A, B and C routes and the Rupert’s run. The introduction of the revised timetable has seen new routes and times, including an additional late night departure from Donny’s at the weekend and a quicker home-to-duty journey between Longwood and Jamestown. The removal of the least used journeys has also brought a more efficient and convenient service for the majority of users.

Speaking with Jeffrey Joshua, who manages Joshua’s Taxi Services he said:

“The public have received the trial service and the revised timetable very positively. We haven’t had any complaints so far and numbers have also picked up, especially with the current school holidays. Overall I would say everything is going well to enable this system to become a permanent fixture in the future.”

Monitoring of the trial service and revised timetable to date has resulted in the discontinuation of less frequently used routes, such as the cross country and the Rupert’s routes.

The trial service will be extended until the end of August 2013 to enable the effects of the revised timetable to be fully monitored and assessed. This will ensure that when a permanent service is introduced, it provides the best possible service for its passengers.

26 June 2013


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