Prince Andrew School held its annual awards ceremony on Friday 9 August, where students who had worked hard and achieved well over the last school year were awarded for their efforts.

In celebration of these achievements, His Excellency Governor Capes, present at the ceremony, spoke to the students about the importance of achievement and having a positive attitude.

Governor Capes remarked:

“…a sense of achievement feels really good. To do something well, to achieve what you set out to do, what you set your mind and heart on, that is a satisfying feeling. It makes us feel good about ourselves. It also makes others feel good, our families and our friends, to see that we have achieved our goals, achieved success.”

Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year were awarded to Ronan Legg, Sunna Thomas, Jordan Yon and Chelsea May Young.  Music awards went to Jade Leo, Nandeli Pelembe, Lisa Joshua and Lizemarie Robbertse.  Student of the Year for Year 7 was presented to Nandeli Pelembe, Year 8, Scott Thomas, Year 9, Scott George, Year 10, Lizemarie Robbertse, and Year 12 went to Lisa Joshua, Kyle Yon and Curtis Peters.  Prizes also encompassed Citizenship and Outstanding Progress. 

Paul Starkie, Head teacher of Prince Andrew School, commented: 

“At PAS we want all our students to enjoy and achieve, to be inspired and to contribute to their own learning and the learning of others. We as teachers are driven by the desire to ensure all our students fulfil their true potential and are successful in everything they undertake.”

Governor Capes continued that much of what we do in life depends on our attitude.  He added that resilience and determination are only ingredients of the right attitude. Negative people with a bad attitude instead of doing something about their problems, find excuses not to do something and forever criticise and find fault in others. Whereas those with a positive ‘can do’ attitude will encourage, support and lift up others to help them to achieve too, and will gladly celebrate the achievements of others.

Governor Capes encouraged students to be that positive person who will face up to  a challenge and grip it with confidence – to achieve success and move on to the next challenge.  A full version of Governor Capes’ speech can be found on the SHG website at:


15 August 2013



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