ExCo Report: 17 September 2013

Good afternoon,

Executive Council met today Tuesday 17 September to consider one item on the open agenda. There were two members of the public in the gallery.

Executive Council was asked to approve the following appointments to the Electronic Communications Consultative Committee (ECCC) in accordance with Clause 11 of the Telecommunications Licence and the TV Re-broadcasting Licence.

These appointments are:

Chairman: Financial Secretary
Member: Solicitor General
Secretary: Government Economist

The Licensee ‘Sure’ will appoint two members.

This committee is a technical committee to report on Sure’s compliance with the terms of, and conditions of these licences.

Executive Council agreed to the appointments as it is important that Sure’s compliance with the licences is monitored.

A question was asked as to how members of the public might raise any concerns with the committee about the services provided by Sure. At present there is no formal process and the undertaking was given that this will be discussed at the first meeting of the ECCC.

Following this item of business the remainder of the meeting was closed to the public.
Mr Paul McGinnety gave an update on the restructuring of the Environmental and Natural Resources Directorate. This was very informative and Executive Councillors were made aware of the progress in restructuring.

It was noted that further contracts will be going out to tender in the private sector in the near future.

17 September 2013


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