The St Helena Resilience Forum today confirms that tap water in Levelwood and Sandy Bay is now safe to consume. But, the raw water reservoir at Levelwood remains disconnected from the system.

This means that residents in these areas are receiving a restricted volume of water and should be extra careful with consumption over the weekend, so as not to deplete the supply.

Connect will be monitoring water supplies over the weekend and are working towards resuming normal services on Monday, when the reservoir will be reconnected to the system. Residents will be informed when domestic water supplies return to normal.

Any issues experienced over the weekend should be reported via the normal out of hours fault reporting line on telephone number: 22602.

Investigations are continuing into the original contamination of the reservoir, with Connect working closely with the Police. Two suspects have been detained and questioned and the Police are appealing to the public for any further information which would be useful in this investigation. 

The Resilience Forum would like to thank residents for their cooperation and understanding during this time of disruption. Thanks are also extended to Island merchants for their support.  

St Helena Resilience Forum

28 October 2016




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