The public is advised that due to changes in use of plant equipment at Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS), Waste Management Services (WMS) can no longer, as part of their Secure Data Disposal Service, offer commercial shredding of sensitive waste prior to deep disposal.

This change will result in a reduction in cost to deliver the service and therefore with immediate effect, the cost of Secure Data Disposal is reduced by 50% – from £10 to £5 per standard refuse bag. Charges for legal compliance and out of hours operations remain unchanged.

This reduction in cost makes the Secure Data Disposal Service more cost beneficial to businesses who want to ensure that all confidential material held on media – including paper, card, USBs, CDs and DVDs – is disposed of in a secure and non-retrievable manner.

Bookings to use the service can be made with Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, via e-mail: Operations will be managed at HPLS by Landfill Manager, Patrick Crowie.

The Secure Data Disposal Service at the Horse Point Landfill Site was introduced in December 2016.

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3 October 2017

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