Over the past week we’ve had some short but heavy showers of rain on St Helena.  Whilst any rainfall is welcome, these short showers are not enough to take the pressure off the drought that we are experiencing.  It is essential that we continue to monitor and conserve as much water as we can, now and in the coming months.  Until the reservoirs reach at least 50% full, St Helena remains in a critical situation.

Island Reservoir Levels










Consumption remains at just over 1000 cubic metres per day – equivalent to 12,500 full bath tubs. The target for consumption, to balance what is going into the system, is 800 cubic metres or 10,000 full bath tubs per day.

The public is therefore reminded that as a community we must continue to cut our consumption and keep it down in everything we do, every single day. Every drop saved now contributes towards conserving our Island’s water reserves a little further.

Every drop counts, every action counts – please do your bit.


31 January 2017


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