The newly published Statistical Yearbook is a collection of official statistics from St Helena Government (SHG) and Private Organisations. The yearbook consists of 9 chapters, beginning with a commentary summarising key statistics and trends, followed by various tables and charts.

Sections of the Yearbook include Population and Vital Statistics, Public Finance, External Trade and Prices, Wages and Employment. The Statistical Yearbook is published on the SHG website at the following link:

Regular statistical publications allow easy access and up-to-date figures for official statistics on St Helena. This information is essential for monitoring, planning and decision making. The Statistical Yearbook contains a range of information which can be used by anyone, both on Island and overseas. Regular users of the Yearbook include Government Directorates, Councillors, private businesses and the general public. Some examples of information frequently used include inflation rates, population estimates and visitor counts, often used to monitor the “health” of the Island’s economy. Potential Investors can also view the External Trade section.

The Statistical Yearbook provides a wealth of statistical evidence in one convenient location.


9 August 2013

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