The Aerodrome management team at St Helena Airport today releases its first Safety Newsletter (attached) to highlight the efforts being made to make St Helena’s first ever Airport a safe place for staff and passengers.

The information in the newsletter is designed to create awareness of the importance of Airport safety issues and to create a culture of trust and responsibility.

Aerodrome Manager, Nigel Spackman, said:

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Regardless of how big or small a person’s role is, when it comes to safety, nothing is too small or insignificant to disregard”.

In the newsletter, topics include:


  • Accident Statistics
  • Airside Safety Rules
  • General Safety Procedures
  • The Airport Fire Service
  • Security Rules for passengers, and
  • Incident Reporting

A copy of the Safety Newsletter can be found at the following link:



1 April 2016

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