A ‘Year in Review’ film will be shown on Local TV 2 in the last week of December – showcasing progress in 2015 on St Helena Airport and Rupert’s Wharf.

The programme covers the calibration flights, the Airport terminal and combined buildings, the 4th Anniversary of the St Helena Airport contract, sea rescue operations and the development of the permanent Wharf at Rupert’s.

Those featured include previous and present Councillors, Basil Read personnel and the CEO of Comair, whilst footage covers the calibration aircraft making its historic landing in September, the Sea Rescue boats, ‘before and after’ footage of the terminal and tower and progress on the permanent wharf.

This film will be shown ON Local TV 2 at the following times from Sunday 27 through to Wednesday 30 December 2015:

 Sunday 27 at 6.05pm

Monday 28 at 10.40am

Tuesday 29 at 6.05pm

Wednesday 30 at 10.40am



23 December 2015


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  1. Hello
    Is it possible to get more picture of the layout of the airport over the progress of the situation of the place
    I look forward to land on your island
    Best Regard
    Francis Louckx

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