A large area of natural land surface at the Airport site (Prosperous Bay Plain) will of course be lost to construction and associated project works for St Helena’s Airport.

To record the invertebrates present in the area and to get a better understanding of the distribution of endemic, native and non-native (invasive) plant species, in February 2014 the Access Office commissioned St Helena National Trust to conduct a survey of the area prior to its loss, as a part of the Landscape and Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP).

The survey has allowed pre-construction mitigation activities to take place, such as lichen translocations, and will inform post construction rehabilitation, such as planting arrangements, in this area.

The findings are contained within the St Helena Airport North Runway Invertebrate, Plant and Endemic Lichen Survey which is now available on the St Helena Access website at http://www.sainthelenaaccess.com/application/



28 July 2014

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