In recent weeks, there has been a considerable increase in the unauthorised use of the Airport Access Road, leading to concerns about the safety of the public and protection of the environment.

The Airport Access Road forms part of the Airport Project construction area and construction signs clearly demarcate those sections of the road where access is restricted.  Any unauthorised access, which may result in an incident, accident and/or damage to the environment, will be reported to the police and persons dealt with appropriately.

The Airport Project Team has noticed public vehicles, including motorcycles and 4x4s, accessing various parts of the road from Pipe Ridge to Tungi Flats and this leads to a heightened risk of accidents occurring.

This road can be very unsafe as there are continuous heavy plant movements, even on weekends.  Grading and aligning is taking place and excavations are not protected to the same standard as they would be on a public road.

Furthermore, any off-road driving adjacent to the construction areas could cause damage to sensitive environmental sites or unique heritage features.

St Helena Government and Basil Read would like to remind everyone that these areas remain closed in the interest of public safety.


19 November 2014

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