Pamela Ward Pearce this morning took the Oaths of Office, for her new role as an Elected Member, in the presence of HE Governor Capes at the Castle (photo attached).

Pamela now serves on Legislative Council following her win at yesterday’s Polls.

Pamela commented:

Councillor Ward Pearce with Governor Capes
Councillor Ward Pearce with Governor Capes

“Yesterday was a very good day and I had some worthy opponents. I’m still quite elated that I have been elected, I don’t think I’ve come down of that cloud yet – it will hit me no doubt when I receive my papers to read.

 “I am looking forward to my time on Council, I feel I can contribute a lot and I look forward to meeting the team.” 

 Governor Capes added:

I warmly congratulate Pamela on her decisive victory in the election yesterday and I welcome her to her new responsibilities as a member of LegCo. I have said on several occasions that I am keen to see LegCo more accurately reflect the population and so I am especially pleased that we now have another woman taking her place as a Councillor.”


5 March 2015





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