Senior Immigration Officer, Emerald Newman, along with Immigration Officers, Tina Yon and Lyn Buckley, recently had the opportunity to meet colleagues in the UK Visa Section of the British High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa, during a week-long visit.

Emerald said:

“Following a recommendation from a visit in June last year by colleagues in Pretoria, it was great for the St Helena team to be able to take this opportunity to visit the British High Commission. It not only raises our awareness, but it also equips us going forward as we open our borders to the outside world.” 

The purpose of the visit was to gain an insight into UK Visa Issuing in Africa and the UK. The three officers were able to see the end-to-end process of a UK Visa application and what to look for when assessing credibility, Visa risks, and how to recognise high-risk nationalities. They also had the opportunity to meet with colleagues from Airlink.

Lyn added:

“The experience has made me realise just how vulnerable St Helena is and how important it is for our team to keep our borders safe. Forging links and connections with our colleagues in Pretoria is an asset to the Island.” 

Immigration Officers, Fiyanna Henry and Carol Youde, undertook a similar visit in October last year and it is hoped that further visits can be arranged in the future.

The visit was funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as part of the Conflict, Stability & Security Fund’s (CSSF) Overseas Territories Security Needs Programme.

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12 March 2019

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