Executive Council will meet tomorrow, Tuesday 1 November 2016, at 9.30am in the Council Chamber for the following Open Agenda items:

  • Resumed discussion – Application for full development permission to permit change of use of land and related operations, in order to provide a 60 key (108 beds) letting accommodation (Class C1) and ancillary buildings and recreational facilities accommodation, including tennis court and outdoor pool
  • Update on Bills for Formal Legislative Council in December

Executive Council Members are: Brian Isaac, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, and Pamela Ward Pearce. Councillors Cyril George and Mike Olsson are serving as temporary Members of ExCo while Councillors Lawson Henry and Derek Thomas are on overseas business. 

Non-voting members of ExCo are: Chief Secretary Roy Burke, Financial Secretary Dax Richards, and Attorney General Angelo Berbotto.


31 October 2016


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