The following is a Public Announcement from the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD):

ENRD would like to advise the public that due to the heavy winds currently experienced, particularly in Jamestown, which are forecasted to continue throughout the weekend, it has become necessary to cordon off an area within the Castle Gardens and to close the Duke of Edinburgh Playground during this period to all pedestrians.

This has become necessary due to the high volume of dry limbs that are currently falling from the tree canopies, which poses a risk to all users of these public areas.

The cordon at the Castle Gardens extends from the main entrance through to the fountain and down to the end of the ex-Police buildings.

The public are asked to avoid use of these areas throughout the weekend and are asked to exercise care should the use of the non-cordoned section of the Castle Gardens be necessary during this period.

ENRD thanks the public for their cooperation

16 November 2018

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