Titan Airways’ Boeing 757-200 at St Helena Airport (July 2020)

All aviation and air access matters on the Island are the responsibility of the St Helena Government (SHG) Civil Aviation function within the Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Portfolio.

The regulation of aviation safety and security in St Helena is delegated to Air Safety Support International (ASSI). Those regulatory functions that are retained by the Governor are managed on a day-to-day basis by the Civil Aviation function – The Civil Aviation function is the lead in SHG in relation to all aviation regulatory matters. 

A critical function is also leading on strategic planning to support ongoing air access in support of Island needs – including supporting economic and tourism development and aero-medevac capability.

The function also co-ordinates and oversees key air access related contracts within SHG including:

  • St Helena Airport Ltd (SHAL) Agreement – To manage the operation of the Airport
  • Interim Fuel Management Contract with Puma Energy – Provision of fuel management services to St Helena Airport
  • UK Met Office Contract – To provide met forecasting services at St Helena Airport
  • Air Services Provider Contract with Airlink – To provide regular, scheduled flights to St Helena.
  • Contingency planning to maintain air access in emergency situations

For more information, contact Tessa Roberts, Civil Aviation Manager on: tessa.roberts@sainthelena.gov.sh