No Smoking Day 2024

Wednesday 13March will mark the 40th anniversary of ‘No Smoking Day’

‘No Smoking Day’ is a time used to spread awareness about the negative effects of smoking and to offer encouragement and support to those wanting to quit.

Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death and illness in the world today, which is why stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health.

Two-thirds of all preventable deaths and treatable deaths on the island in the last 20 years were from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancers, with smoking being a contributing risk factor to all of these diseases. 

Smoking does not only affect smokers, it affects others around them. People who breathe in second hand smoke are at the same risk for illnesses as smokers, including lung cancer and heart disease. It’s not only humans affected by second hand smoke either. Our pets suffer as well, with cats and dogs are more likely to develop cancer when regularly exposed to it.

Stopping smoking isn’t easy, but it is much easier with the right support. Smokefree St Helena provides an evidence-based programme of support, with sessions delivered by trained stop smoking practitioners.

The Smokefree St Helena programme is made up of two core components:

  • Behavioural support
  • Stop smoking medications

It is through this combination that smokers have the best chance of quitting. The programme provides weekly support sessions, where clients can discuss how they are getting on and any difficulties they may be having, and can receive advice, encouragement and medication from their practitioner.  

To support ‘No Smoking Day’ 2024, the Smokefree St Helena team will be offering a drop-in clinic to any smokers who may be thinking of quitting or would just like more information. During this session a Stop Smoking Practitioner will talk you through the programme and can also conduct a pre-quit assessment. 

Date: 13March 2024

Time: 14:00-17:00

Place: Jamestown outpatient’s clinic 

With the right support, evidence shows that you are three times more likely to quit and stay quit.

It’s never too late to quit smoking. When you stop smoking, there are almost immediate improvements to your health, as well as the many long term benefits.

For more information about the Smokefree St Helena service, please contact them directly by email though or by telephone on 25863.

11 March 2024

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470