Turtle Hatchlings At Rupert’s Beach

Yesterday, Thursday 10 August 2023, the artificial turtle nest created at Rupert’s Beach finally saw some activity. After exactly three months, 11 healthy turtles hatched and had made their way to the surface. The hatchlings were carefully removed from the nest and stored in a safe location whilst awaiting night fall for release.

The hatchlings were released at Sandy Bay Beach yesterday evening. Release at Sandy Bay Beach instead of Rupert’s Beach was to ensure the hatchlings had a natural environment with no industrial distractions or obstructions such as artificial lighting and the jetty, increasing the hatchlings’ chance of survival.

There are 144 eggs in the artificial nest which means in the coming days there will be more hatchlings. This is the most important time to remind the public that they should not be disturbed, touched or moved. Green Turtles and their eggs are protected under the Environmental Protection Ordinance, 2016. It is an offence to disturb this nest. Anyone found doing so will be prosecuted.

For more information on this story, please read a blog here: https://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Green-Turtle-Nesting-%E2%80%93-Ruperts-Beach-Blog.pdf.

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11 August 2023

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